In the Media

Lake Como, Italy

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Recording of a Lightning Talk presented to the SENSE Network:

View on YouTube


Watch my interview with NCTV 18 host, Charley Walters:

"Profiles: Dr. Jessica S. West"


Listen to me talk about hearing loss within married couples:

"Stress Spillover in Marriage Due to Hearing Loss"

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A report for the Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services:

"Arab Americans: A Community Portrait"

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AARP post about my research on hearing loss disclosure:

 "How do men and women differ when it comes to hearing challenges?"

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Press release for a paper on COVID-19:

"Physical distancing to slow COVID-19 lagged in South, rural areas"


How making connections across Duke's campus helped further my research career:

"Making the Most of Duke on the Road to the Ph.D"


Press release for my research on the link between hearing loss and mental health:

"Hearing Loss and Depression are Connected"


A Reuters Health article about my research on hearing loss disclosure strategies:

"Women better than men at explaining hearing loss."

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Hearing Health & Technology Matters post about my research:

"Fessing Up to Hearing Loss: It's a Gender Thing."









Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke

A two-day virtual data analysis course taught with Christina Kamis"Actor Partner Interdependence Model in R: The Mental and Physical Health of Spouses"

Graduate Student Paper Award Honorable Mention

Awarded by the American Sociological Association Section on Aging and the Life Course for my paper, “Hearing Impairment and Mental Health among Married Couples.”

Duke Graduate School Phillip Jackson Baugh Fellowship

One-year competitive fellowship providing an annual stipend, tuition, and fees.

Competitive Workshop Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Accepted to attend “Health Disparities, Health Inequities, and Vulnerable Populations: Research Examining and Understanding Complexity,” an ICPSR workshop at the University of Michigan.

Duke Graduate School Summer Research Fellowships

Angell Award

Recipient of the Robert Cooley Angell Honors Thesis Award for the best Sociology honors thesis at the University of Michigan.

Beverly J. Waterman Scholarship

University of Michigan. Link here.