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Updated: Apr 28, 2019

I have read a range of books about hearing loss that might be of interest to others. Let me know what you think of the books below and if you have suggestions for me to read! I will update the list whenever I have a new book to add.

Personal stories

Part personal memoir, part investigative journalism, Katherine Bouton provides an excellent account of what it is like to live with hearing loss and the toll it can take on people.

You can find it here. And check out her blog here.

In this book, Katherine Bouton provides some much-needed guidance for people with hearing loss (and those who love them). Topics range from how to read an audiogram, to different types of hearing aids, to maintaining relationships, and more.

You can find it here.

This book was not particularly interesting to me (other books do a much better job of describing the history of deafness and related controversies), but it might be of use to others.

You can find it here.

In this book, Joseph Michael Valente talks about what it is like to grow up "in-between" the hearing and Deaf worlds. I particularly like his point that there is no "instruction manual" on how to be Deaf / to live with hearing loss.

You can find it here.

Another mix of personal experience, research, and interviews. I particularly liked how Bella Bathurst talked about being a traveller between the land of the hearing and the land of the deaf.

You can find it here.

Research-based books

Laura Mauldin interviews families that have navigated the controversial waters around cochlear implantation for children. Mauldin thoughtfully describes the social context in which medicine, science, and technology aim to "fix" or "cure" deafness, and how parents handle this experience.

You can find it here.

This one might seem a little out of place...but Mary Roach dedicates chapter three to hearing because noise exposure is a major problem for the military. The book is well-researched and entertaining, and you can learn a lot about hearing based on military research.

You can find it here.

Seth Horowitz makes biology accessible to non-biologists as he discusses noise, our reactions to it, and how hearing influences just about everything we do.

You can find it here.


Find it here.

Find it here.

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